The Gaming World Has Become A Great Influence To You

online-gamesGames have existed since 1970s-1980s, where arcade video games, gaming consoles and computer games were introduced to the whole public. It has become a huge influence, and it still continues to grow to this day. It introduces the audience to a new world where reality cannot touch. People love the idea that they can be a different person, with different lives like the idea of becoming a Pokemon Trainer where they collect and fight pocket monsters, where they can transform into a Wizard or Knight as they trained and Leveled Up in order to become the greatest Hero in the Magical World. Whatever the scenery it is it people fell in love with the concept.


Games hold a great influence to the minds of the people from young to old; it has increased their brains and gives them new bright ideas. The video games offer the children a chance to explore a different world that they’ve never thought possible. Video games offer educational and learning experiences where you can solve different puzzles, learn new moves and combo attacks and solve the mission. There are all sorts of games that goes beyond educational learning.


There are games that attract and initiate fear into the human mind. Horror games are slowly moving up the charts for the past few years. The biggest number one horror that managed to become the first is Five Nights Of Freddy’s followed by Amnesia Dark Descent. There are many more, though, that brings out a huge impression in the world. People have already immersed themselves into the Gaming world that it has become a part of a course. Animation, Gaming Design, and Character Design are all a part of a huge deal to the  Gaming Company, not to mention the writers in creating plots and good stories to create a new world to explore.

You cannot deny there’s potential, and people are willing enough to go beyond. They’ve created different types of gaming consoles for the people who love games, in general, will enjoy the experience of it. There’s even a technology where you feel like you are inside of the virtual world, seeing them in 3D in full view. Oculus is the closest thing to it. There are a lot more and there will more in the next couple of years. Technology is advancing and so is the people’s imagination. What makes the game so popular is the story, the characters, and the design, that is what makes the game the best and addicting to all people for all ages.


online_gamingIt is like playing Call of Duty, where there’s the plot of a soldier in WWII or what about Resident Evil where zombies are heavily themed. What about a game of RPG? Zelda for example. There is a course for DOTA players to take and learn because playing DOTA levels up your brain into thinking different strategical theories. How about playing games in a non-violent way? Undertale is the perfect game for it. In whatever form it is the gaming society offers much from a storyline game to a bloody and violent one, and just plain scary ones. There is no surplus of games, and there are a lot of genres to choose from. This is why games have become apart of your life know because you simply grow up with them and you’ve learned many things from them. You learn to appreciate the message that these games have always tried to convey to the public, and you are happy that they’ve existed in the first place. At least it makes your life much more interesting to live.